Service Operations

Work Order IndexHere’s where the magic happens.  Keeping track of each Service Location, which containers are there, how often they are serviced, what rate you charge, how full are they on each visit, when’s the next visit, when was the last service visit, who did it  and all the details in between is handled in Propel with Service Agreements and Work Orders.  This is the engine of Propel, it’s capabilities and flexibility will allow you to handle the most complex service requirements but also not bog you down just to setup a simple minimum purge job.

Put all the INGREDIENTS IN, let Propel stir

A Service Agreement is the place to bring all the details together for success.  Pick the Service Location, Service Frequency, Service to be performed, Containers you have placed there and the Rate you’ll charge. Save the Service Agreement and Propel generates the necessary Work Orders for you.

Purge, Recurring, On-Demand, Re-Schedule, or Retime it

Service Agreements are flexible to handle about any service interval we’ve seen.  If you find a new one, we’ll work on that too.  You can even create multiple Service Agreements for the same Service Location if needed.

Work, Work, Work made easier

Propel generates Work Orders for Recurring Service Agreements automatically for up to 12 months in advance whenever a Service Agreement is created or updated.  Purge or One-Time Service Agreements create the specific Work Order for that job.  Repeat job, no problem, just add another Work Order with the same details for another day in three clicks.  Easily add special pickup Work Orders for Recurring Customer with just a few clicks or quickly retime a Service Location’s Service Frequency.

If you can’t see it, you can’t manage it

Work Orders are tracked through various stages of completion as they are performed.  You can see if a Work Order is planned, in-process, closed, past due (nasty carry overs), if it’s been invoiced or staged as billable to be consolidated at the end of the month.

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