You’ve just sold the purge job, here comes the next question….when can you do it?  With Propel’s scheduling functions, you can easily view your  schedule days, weeks, and even months in advance.  You can search the schedule to see when you’re in that area by City, Zip Code, Account Number, or even a specific address.  These tools are great for handling those “On-Call” customers and even when a recurring customer calls in full and needs service ASAP.

When’s the next time…

Monthly Schedule Graph

  • View your Schedule on a Monthly, Weekly or Daily basis
  • Filter your Schedule  by Service Type (such as on-site shredding verses off-site shredding), Account Number, Address, City, Zip or even Phone Number.
  • Scheduling pages show you total service time planned and projected revenue for that period.

Plan your routes with all the information

It’s getting later in the day, are all routes going to be completed?  If not, which stops will be missed?  Do you have capacity on the next day to roll them over?  How much is it going to cost you to reroute a truck?  The shredding business is a very dynamic one, you need a dynamic solution to manage it. Propel’s Scheduling and Routing functions are here to bring order to the chaos!

  • Routing stops visually with drag & drop backed by the power of Google Maps.
  • Assign work orders to specific trucks and drivers based upon customer needs.
  • Retime stops with a click

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