Resource Management

Do you know where all of these are at?Shredbin

Bins, Carts, Totes, Consoles, Cabinets, Security Containers, PDCs, whatever you call them, Propel will help you keep them under control.  Containers are company assets that are hard to keep track of.  Propel can help you manage your shredding containers both internally and the ones located at customer locations.  Each container can be barcoded to track the location, condition, status, capacity and usage history.

Manage company vehicles

green_truck_super_shredzYour business is dependent on working company vehicles.  Propel helps you track mileage, service intervals, safety inspections and compliance.  Log downtime and expenses associated with it.

When does Joe’s health card expire?

Propel will help you remember these items when you track your driver’s credentials in the Resources area.  Get alerts when licenses and health care expirations are coming up instead of the ticket six months after.

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