Propel your Shredding Business to a new level

Propel will give you insight you've never had before...

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Propel Highlights

These unique features are integrated to make you more effecient

Get Paid Quicker

Propel has credit card processing that is fully integrated with Stripe.  This allows you to...

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Route Smarter with Google Maps

Build your routes with the power of Propel and GoogleMaps.  Propel displays Carry-Over stops right...

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Manage your business visually

The advantages of Propel become clear when you have full visibility to the key information of...

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Key Features

Features and functionality in Propel that keep you ahead of the competition


Propel is an application that is delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) model that can provide many benefits to any size business.  First, using Propel instead of...

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Customer Management

Let's face it, it's all about the customer correct?  Even as demanding as they can be, we all need them and a better way to manage all...

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Service Operations

Here's where the magic happens.  Keeping track of each Service Location, which containers are there, how often they are serviced, what rate you charge, how...

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You've just sold the purge job, here comes the next question....when can you do it?  With Propel's scheduling functions, you can easily view your  schedule...

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Resource Management

Do you know where all of these are at? Bins, Carts, Totes, Consoles, Cabinets, Security Containers, PDCs, whatever you call them, Propel will help you...

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Record Center Management

Got Records? Propel also has an additional module that integrates Record Center Management into the application.  Track the movement of each File Box from first...

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